Nikon Stepper 步進曝光機

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Nikon Stepper 步進曝光機


Nikon Stepper For PSS 製程 Pattern Sapphire Substrate

Model: Nikon i8、i9、i10、i11
Nikon stepper set up check items:

  • Stage running test
  • Wafer flatness test
  • Chip leveling test
  • Wafer pre-alignment test
  • BST test
  • Stepping test 
  • Reticle rotation test
  • Lens distortion test
  • Reticle blind test 
  • Overlay test 
  • IUC check adjust
  • Checking laser power of LSA and interferometer
  • Lamp power check / Lamp線性check

Load position adjust:

  • Load arm transmission position check
  • Wafer loader至 stage position check
  • Pre-2 unit check and adjust
  • O.F table check and adjustment
  • Adjust wafer loading position
  • Function of wafer flow and adjustment
  • Check wafer loader repeatability